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Hello there!
My name is Grant Wilkinson. My company is Stress-Free-Packing, Unpacking + Organizing. I have been a professional packer and home or office organizer since 2002. Whether you need just me or my some of my crew, you will be helped by experienced, skilled and TRUSTWORTHY people. This is my business, and I am the man in the photos attached to this advertisement. Therefore, it is my name and reputation that are on the line.

Finding packers, unpackers, and/or organizers with whom you feel safe, and know will do exceptional work, is a very hard effort for customers.

If you are moving, we can bring all the materials to your location (free of charge), then carefully pack all your belongings. When the movers relocate your items, we can unpack everything and either quickly take it all out of the boxes and lay it down on the inside perimeter of your home or office, or we can place all your things into their proper places with an eye on functionality and aesthetic charm.

Later, we can remove all the packing materials/trash away from your home.

BTW, I have a corporate account with New Haven moving supplies, therefore, have great deals on all materials.

If you are NOT MOVING, but need ORGANIZING in your home or office, we are your company. Think of your garage, kitchen, playroom, living room, library, bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, tool shed, basement, attic, driveway, office, and so on.

*We promise to bring order and sense to any chaotic environment.
*Have terrific references for you to contact.
* We actually enjoy what we do.
* We have a website, but cannot post Web address on this site.

Please look at the attached photos to get an idea of what we handle, and accomplish. There are before and after pictures, and images which show what we pack, and later unpack/organize/decorate.

In any case, we hope you have a smooth experience with whomever you use for your needs.

Grant Wilkinson
Owner, Stress-Free-Packing
(323) 245-9784

Phone Number: (323) 245-9784

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