DO U NEED help or SOMETHING DONE on short notice NOW, today, tomorrow

    • Location: Westside-southbay, United States

Hi ,

Do you need help or something done on short notice, right away, now, today for 1 hour to whenever?? Or maybe not so short, not right now???

Well my services are offered on a daily, availability , for hire , short notice , part time/biweekly /weekly / monthly basis.This is good for you when you need a good reliable person, on short notice just for today, tomorrow, for 1 hour to whenever. or not so short !! You may not need me now , but, KEEP MY NUMBER HANDY!!!! think of me as a contact in your phone , on your computer , magnet on your fridge when you need someone very reasonable , quick , efficient and very very reliable.

I have been serving the community now for 8 YEARS , exceptionally good organizing ,cleaning ,moving driving hauling , errands yard/property maintenance (see below) Basically a freelance general services all around handy helper, and very good at it , helping you make the most of your valuable time I have excellent references , and 90% of them are now regular clients . I work for on a regular basis . So my recent work history has come from serving the community , people like you , and word of mouth. Very happy with my good work ethics /services, often recommended to there friends and associates for a variety of other jobs . I have acquired a very nice client base. So leave the worry and stress of whatever you need done to me

Always professional , energetic , upbeat, friendly fun personality , and a ,"jump right in" hard working kind of attitude , which is a highly sought after quality. strong attention to DETAIL, ( Virgo) organized , smart , bright , resourceful . trustworthy , excellent English, and communication skills..You give me certain instructions , and know they will be carried out, with minimal , or no supervision. I am a non smoker/drinker , very healthy , very environmentally aware , and hard worker ..

Thank you Community

Thank you

310 663 1546
I service all of Los Angeles

_______________________________Job History /Experience include, but are not limited to:

Driver w/insurance, good record, (economy car , pick-up truck for light move) helper , very good@...running errands , picking up dropping off , filing , computer savvy, very good exceptional organizing skills , and packing , moving?? very good , multitasking .got clutter, trash, clean-up , hauling , garage, a motivator , light moving , storage , good cleaner/cleaning resident commercial , green cleaning .environmentally safe , eco tech using earth friendly products .all sorts of ODD JOBS , General labor , Residential/Commercial. ANYTHING you need help with, ...A service you need , Cable guy wait ? .Home owners association , Rental/Commercial property mgt Real estate delivery driver didnt dhow up PROFESSIONAL .I provide a special all around SERVICE.....deliveries , you/parents help , at work , someone called in, Office or home you need an extra hand doing something , Excellent gardener w/experience , yard maintenance , I barbecue so you can socialize. NO JOB TO BIG/SMALL. In all those PERSONAL , NORMAL , NO MATTER HOW RIDICULOUS and ODD situations WHEN YOU NEED or WISH there was someone to CALL.......
Well there is ..
I am sometimes asked " I don't know if this is something you do" yes , it is ....I AM HERE FOR YOU
Fun great attitude

Phone Number: 310 663 1546

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